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Things to do in New York

Columbus Circle

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Columbus Circle is located at the intersection between Central Park south and West, Broadway and 8th Ave, in the Midtown neighborhood. It has been named after Christophe Colomb who is,according to hi [ ... ]

The Rockefeller Center

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The Rockefeller Center is a complex in the center of Manhattan covering a range of 19 commercial buildings over 22 acres. Its location is between 48th and 51st streets. The most famous of these 19 bu [ ... ]

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

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The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is one of Manhattan's coolest museums.I’ve you’ve ever imagined yourself filming a newscast, designing a video game, or programming a real robot, this place is for  [ ... ]

New York Nightlife

Blue Note

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Jazz is definitely part of NYC. There are many jazz clubs there that we created year ago but still rock the place, such as Blue Note, located in Green Witch Village. This jazz venue was created in  [ ... ]

The Public Theater

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The Public Theater was founded in Joseph Papp as the Shakespeare workshop and is now the nation's foremost theatrical producer. It is a very dedicated venue that aims at achieving artistic excellence. [ ... ]

Barrow Street Theatre

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The Barrow Street Theatre is an off Broadway performance venue which means it cannot accommodate more than 199 people. But it is not because it is smaller that it is not good. This place has a true co [ ... ]